Pale Ale

Pale Ale Pale Ale
Pale Ale
  • Classic North American Pale Ale
  • Malt Forward
  • Balanced Hop Bitterness


Our approachable, amber-coloured Pale Ale has a slight haze, and feature aromas of citrus along with caramel malts, giving it a beautifully complex character. 

  • ABV:


  • IBU:



Citrus along with caramel malts 


Our Citrusy Pale ale is a nod to the original North American style of pale ale, which is hop forward with citrus notes. 


A dry, resinous finish that is balanced by a caramel malt 

Food Pairing:

Our Citrusy Pale Ale is well balanced by malt sweetness to help counteract the heat and spice in your food. Meanwhile, the citrusy hop finish adds a depth of flavour which makes spiced dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Biryani really shine.

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