best paired with grilled
meats and vegetables

Something special happens when fire meets our copper kettle, it changes the flavour profile of our very unique Creemore Premium Lager. That’s why it is the perfect companion to complement your grilled steaks, roasted vegetables or smoked cheeses.

Premium Lager meal and beer

best paired with
spicy food

Showcase you thrill for spice and elevate the heat when pairing your spicy dishes with our Session IPA. Fruit forward hop profiles help to ease the burn, which is wonderfully balanced by the beers malt profile, but don’t be afraid to take your craving for Nashville Hot Chicken to the next level with our IPA.

Boundless IPA meal and beer

best paired with
italian food

Hearty Italian dishes are the comfort food we all crave, and instead of breaking out a loaf of bread, crack our Crisp Pilsner to help soak up some of that saucy goodness. The baguette like malt profile of our Bohemian style crisp pilsner is perfect for cutting through and soaking from the marinara on your meatball sub.

Lot 9 Pilsner meal and beer

best paired with
japanese cuisine

Our new Helles light lager is refreshing and so finely balanced that you would benefit from a delicate pairing to appreciate the flavour this light lager brings to life. The effervescent lager will cut through umami rich dishes like Sushi without burdening your appetite for another sip, and that last roll you just cant let go to waste, we see you.

Helles meal and beer
Spicy Food

best paired with
spicy food

Our Citrusy Pale Ale is well balanced by malt sweetness to help counteract the heat and spice in your food. Meanwhile, the citrusy hop finish adds a depth of flavour which makes spiced dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Biryani really shine.