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crisp Pilsner Lot 9 can with glass
  • Czech style pilsner
  • Golden colour
  • Crisp hop


We brew our pilsner the traditional
way, but with our own spring water,
special pale malt and a lot of hops.
Classic yet unique; it’s our fresh take
on a traditional Czech pilsner

  • ABV:


  • IBU:



Displays a bready malt aroma with spicy hop notes


Explore sweet, rich malt flavours against a
refreshing balanced hop finish


Balanced and satisfying with a slight lingering hop finish

Food Pairing:

Roasted and grilled chicken, cream-based soups,
shellfish and grilled white fish. Nice with young
goat cheese or white cheddar.

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Lot 9 Pilsner can
Lot 9 Pilsner can